Huawei Wants To Bring Its Own Voice Assistant Outside China
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Huawei Wants To Bring Its Own Voice Assistant Outside China


In China, Huawei has its own voice assistant that operates via its own speaker, called the AI Cube, and the Huawei smartphones. Its name is Xiaoyi and you can only access it on the Chinese market.

Huawei wants to bring Xiaoyi beyond the Chinese borders now, though the company has not disclosed which languages the voice assistant will support or even when the voice assistant will become available outside China.

Huawei Mobile / YouTube

Huawei has been using Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa on the products it has been selling outside China – even the AI Cube relies on Alexa.  Nonetheless, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business said that the company has every intention of continuing those partnerships.

Regardless, an in-house created voice assistant would definitely place Huawei in direct competition with its partners but we’re quite curious to hear how the new version of Xiaoyi will sound like and how it will differentiate itself from the voice assistants we’ve grown accustomed to.

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