Huawei Discontinues Mate 40 Series: New Smartphones Incoming?

Huawei has stopped selling the Mate 40 series in all its Chinese stores.
All official channels of the manufacturer list the series as sold out and most references to the smartphone have been removed. 

Huawei has not made any announcements about this move, but it seems that it has decided to stop selling the devices in the country. The reason is not clear and it’s a little confusing as to why the company has made this decision – after all, the Mate Xs 2, Mate X2 and even the Mate 30 5G are still available for purchase. 

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This might only mean one thing: that Huawei is getting ready to launch a new Mate series. But this is just a speculation and has to be taken with a grain of salt as no rumors have popped up and there haven’t been any leaks either. 

It’s worth noting that the sanctions the United States have imposed on the company have to be taken into account as they make producing a wide range of devices a pretty difficult task. So the company might instead choose to focus on high-end devices and completely give up on the low-to-medium range smartphones. 

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This doesn’t really come as a big surprise however: before 2019 the company has been manufacturing entry and mid-range smartphones left and right and it has been these fast-paced releases that have helped it establish a name in the industry this fast.
However, as of 2020, Huawei has been slowly moving away from these types of devices and has mostly focused on its more expensive offerings. 

It also seems to have shifted its focus on foldables, which are still generally seen as luxury items. All the revenue lost from mid-range devices would be added on top of the foldables, which are expected to be more expensive than their traditional siblings out there.  

For now, Huawei will release the P60 Pocket and the Mate X3 at some point this year but the company is expected to switch to becoming a luxury smartphone brand within the next 5 years.
Only time will tell. 

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Huawei Discontinues Mate 40 Series: New Smartphones Incoming?
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