How To Find Your Lost Airpod(s)
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How To Find Your Lost Airpod(s)

When you can’t find one of your AirPods, be it Max or Pro, but you know they should be charged and you’ve got your iPhone close… remember this trick.

It’s incredibly easy to lose one or both AirPods nowadays. They get smaller and smaller and when out of the case, chances are you’re gonna leave them in a pocket, on a table or shelf or even lose them between all the stuff thrown in your bag or backpack.

When that happens and you have no clue where they could be, this nifty trick comes in handy.

There are several conditions to it though: the AirPods should be charged and in Bluetooth range of your iPhone. And your Find My app should be enabled and the AirPods set as saved Devices beforehand.

For the rest… check the tutorial above!

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