There Might Be A Huawei New Mate Watch Line
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There Might Be A Huawei New Mate Watch Line

Smartwatches have become pretty popular these days, as they are affordable and ultimately an efficient accessory to sustain a modern lifestyle.

Huawei anticipated the smartwatch hype ever since and tried to make it as high tech yet affordable as possible. The Chinese manufacturer offers a great array of smartwatches and has gained a big community of fans since their products are always keeping up with people’s expectations.

According to a Myfixguide Report, Huawei is working on a new Mate watch, as the company has recently filed a trademark application for the name Mate Watch, under the “International Classification of Trademark 9”, assigned for computers and electronic equipment.

The company launched the GT 2 model back in October, and a much affordable 2e version arrived last month. Now Huawei is trying to bring he premium Mate ecosystem to Huawei smartwatches as well, as the patent application shows.

This could indicate the fact that the Chinese manufacturer is moving on from the Watch GT line, which will remain a medium-low range line, to Huawei Mate Watch, the upcoming high-end smartwatches line.

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