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Hushme Mask Can Keep Your Conversations Private, But You’ll Look Like Bane

hushme noise cancelling

We all hate pesky eavesdroppers. Whether it’s a personal issue or a business problem, private matters need to remain private. So, most of us either avoid talking such things in public or search desperately for a corner where no one can hear us talking. But what if there was something that could save us all that trouble? Like a voice-cancelling tech? Hushme is just that, although you will feel like Bane wearing it #objectmagic

Hushme is a self-appointed “world’s first” voice mask for smartphones. Not sure what that means? Well, this gadget is imagined as a Bluetooth hands-free device that can be worn easily around the neck, like a pair of headphones. Only its purpose is not to protect your ears from exterior noise, but… your mouth. Hushme claims it can isolate your voice from those around you, making phone calls audible only to the receiver, no one else.

Yet, as useful as this technology is, it’s going to look weird on you. See, it looks like a cross between a muzzle and Bane’s terrible accessory in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

If you care about your privacy enough to don one in public, then there are a couple of facts you need to know. You can set Hushme in one of two modes. The passive one decreases the tone of your voice by 60%, so that people at a distance of three feet or more cannot hear what you are saying. The active mode is more appropriate when you’re in a crowded place, like a coffee shop or store. There, you get an almost 100% decrease – no one will even know what you’re doing. Better yet, in the active mode, the device not only makes your voice inaudible but it also emits sounds like wind, ocean or falling stones to throw people off track completely.

The company adds that, while strangers won’t even know you’re talking to someone, the receivers will hear your voice normally. Hushme sees their device as a great option for those who transmit private information over the phone but also for gamers who want to use voice chat at every hour of the day/night without disturbing their folks.

The Hushme mask is crowdfunding now on Kickstarer for a price of $149. Shipping is set to start in December.

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