Apple Launches Photography Tutorials: How To Shoot On iPhone 7

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Apple seems to have finally understood what we’ve known for a while now: ads are starting to less their power on users, especially Millennials. Content creation, be it a tutorial, review, experience, trumps traditional ads. In that spirit, the company has changed its digital strategy. On its YouTube channel and website, the Cupertino giant has published several short tutorials on how to shoot with an iPhone 7 instead of trying to convince us of its effect in a glossy, commercial video #mobilemagic #fotomagic

If you head over to Apple’s YouTube channel now, you’ll notice a series of 40-seconds long tutorials. Each of them tries to teach the average user how to shoot with the latest handset, iPhone 7, different subjects, in different situations. You have tutorials on how to capture close-up shots, how to position the handset for action shots, shoot and edit selfies, and much, much more. Now, these tricks won’t take your photography to the next level, but they won’t hurt, either. You’ll learn how to take vertical panoramas in case you were used to just “boring” horizontal ones.

All videos are vertical and open with the iPhone camera’s screen. These are interrupted by short instructions, so viewers can apply every principle while watching the video. The footage is accompanied by electronic beats in a very un-Apple-y style. It’s a breath of fresh air for their channel, granted, but we don’t know if it’s enough to make users appreciate more the iPhone 7 camera, not with rivals like Google Pixel and LG G6 around.

If you want to see all the new content in a glance, simply go here – Apple has rounded all the videos up in a new section on their official site. 

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