Hyper-Reality, A World Where We Don’t Know How To Save Our Lives Without Digital Help

Hyper reality (mixed reality) is the stuff of dreams. Really. It opens up millions of possibilities, ways of interact with physical and digital content like you’ve never imagined before. It also can lead up to a world filled with commercials, points and bonuses, virtual pets and a digital addiction that renders you incapable of listening to your most basic instinct – the one that tells you how to survive #realitymagic

Keiichi Matsuda showcased all of these events and more in a concept film called simply Hyper-reality. Shot in Medellin, Columbia, it presents a “provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future”. A future I can’t but hope to never come true. Yes, the idea of multi-tasking seamlessly, from getting a job, to doing groceries and adopting pets simultaneously is tempting, filling up those hours of doing nothing… it can also deceive you to believe a world with just people is boring, tasteless.

In the same time, a world saturated with media can detach you so much from reality that even when you’re attacked, physically in pain, you can’t help yourself anymore. The protagonist of the film suffers a cut and she’s so disoriented that she simply can’t do anything but stare and search for help in this mixed reality. The only one she finds makes her become a Catholic again, by mimicking the cross sign, after her identity is reset.

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