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If You’re Lucky, You’ll Be Able to Livestream 360-degree Videos On YouTube

youtube 360 live streaming

YouTube is once again ahead of the trends. True to their risk-taking nature, after supporting 360-degree videos last March, they’re now looking for a way to live stream them. According to BuzzFeed News, YouTube representatives are meeting with camera manufacturers to discuss the specifications that a camera of this magnitude would need.

At this hour, there are just a few cameras capable of live streaming 360-degree videos but come short of delivering quality results. Meanwhile, the majority of video cameras simply shoot a bunch of videos simultaneosly and put them together in a neat puzzle once the filming is finished.

The idea is, then, to agree upon specifications so that a platform like YouTube could deliver crystal-clear live stream videos. Although there hasn’t been an official confirmation of this rumor, it’s safe to say that YouTube is still believing in this project. After all, other big players like Samsung are realizing the consumer appeal of the technology. We might even see a 360-degree camera from Samsung this month, released alongside Galaxy S7.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael

    February 4, 2016 at 9:15 am

    There are still a lot of problems when it comes to stitching the images from different cameras or lenses. If they will manage to have a good software solution to work with special hardware or inside the camera, then we can actually see real-time 360 videos with good quality.
    Until then, is good that we have a lot of VR products, but no content.

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