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IKEA and Sonos Soon to Unveil Invisible, Artsy Speakers

IKEA and Sonos haven’t forgotten about their partnership, even if they gave off that feeling. Instead, they’re getting ready to launch two new products, one of which is… invisible.

The Symfonisk lineup will soon have two new products to offer techy decorators. Besides the bookshelf speaker and smart table lamp, customers will be able to test a new audio lamp and a hidden, artsy speaker.

While neither Sonos nor IKEA have made official announcements, two new FCC filings and a The Verge report point towards a soon-ish product launch.

According to the publication, the new, updated lamp will cost as much as the current model ($179). If you remember, the product meshed a lamp and a Sonos Play:1 speaker. The second product will be a discrete speaker that will double as a piece of artwork or as an art accessory. Imagine something that could be added to a poster but not jump out at you to get an idea of the final product.

What about the bookshelf speaker? There’s no news on that front. This could mean that while the current model will still be available for purchase, there’s no plan on upgrading it or continuing that particular line.

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IKEA and Sonos Soon to Unveil Invisible, Artsy Speakers
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