IKEA AR App Now Lets You Decorate An Entire Room


IKEA is taking full advantage of technology best way it knows how: by allowing the users to decorate their homes virtually with its furniture.

The company recently updated its Place app, which now allows users to try multiple pieces of IKEA furniture in a room, instead of just one at a time, in order to get a better idea of how to decorate their homes.

The Place app was introduced in 2017 and it allowed the customers to mix and match furniture pieces from the IKEA seasonal collections without having to go inside the mazes that make up the company’s stores. While that might just be a fun walk for some people, for others it is nothing but endless hours of frustration, especially if they are on a tight schedule. So the Place app was welcomed in more ways than one.

However, the app only allowed the users to try out one piece of furniture at a time which, on occasion, could get messy, especially if you were not sure of what you were going for. The new update to the iOS version of the app now not only allows you to fill up a room with virtual furniture but also to set up a wishlist and make sure that the furniture you added up to your virtual experience will be the same one to decorate your house later on.

In addition to that, a For You feed will also offer you a stream of new collections, products and suggestions that will help you get started, just in case you were a bit confused about how to bring that nice and cozy Swedish experience into your home.

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