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Impact of IoT on Enhancing the Customer Experience

We go about our lives with technology as a vital part of it and who knows how long that’s been going on. Maybe it started when the printing press or steamships were invented. And now, we have smart devices, like phones or speakers, that we interact with daily. And those machines can all connect, making life more convenient for us.

Technology has evolved so much that it has become portable enough to fit into our daily lives. Programs that can do almost anything under the sun have been created and they can be used by our devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) is just one of those and it continues to find a place at the heart of many business automation strategies.

Contact centers especially use IoT when assisting customers and answering their queries. For example, sensors to track deliveries accurately or collect information about traffic flow in a store or programs capable of collecting data that you can use for your strategies.

Let’s define IoT below and discuss how it enhances the customer experience, especially for contact centers. 

What is the Internet of Things (IoT) for Contact Centers?

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The Internet of Things is physical objects with sensors, processing ability, and software. It includes other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices over the internet.

It’s been considered a misnomer because devices normally don’t need to be connected to the public internet. They only need to be connected to a network and have their queries be addressable individually.

The convergence of different technologies has caused the field of IoT to evolve. Ubiquitous computing, sensors, and machine learning are all examples of what led to that development. An example of IoT in the consumer market is the concept of a “smart home”  that supports an ecosystem controlled by devices.

IoT technology and products have grown so much that they’ve been used by healthcare systems. While its advancement has raised risks about privacy and security, it’s had an amazing impact on customer experience. 

The industry and government have also taken measures to address those privacy concerns. So don’t worry because there are guidelines and standards in place to protect your privacy while giving you the best service.

How Does IoT Impact Contact Center Services?

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  1. Track Your Supply Chain Movement with Call Center Software

IoT now lets customers track their order’s progress along the supply chain transparently. They can even identify weak links and report them accordingly to achieve better customer service. If you’re having a hard time managing the software, you can reach out to contact center solutions. They can troubleshoot your problems and guide you through them.

Adapting your system to mobile technology is also critical for competition. They’ve adopted new technology and added new devices to their operations. This helps better track packages and other products to keep your customer satisfied.

Technological investments, like IoT, are exactly what they needed to return from the COVID setback. But more than that, it ensured that they remained competitive in the customer service industry.

  1. You Can Expect Better Route Management

IoT-based route management lets you plan and control shipment and delivery schedules better. There are tracking devices installed in vehicles and software that helps identify delays. This also helps prevent breakdowns of vehicles, and monitor road accidents and obstacles. 

The data the software provides lets suppliers respond quickly to emergencies. It also helps them find ways to deliver orders on time which increases customer satisfaction. According to recent research, 85% of businesses say their efficiency improved by using IoT technology.

Mobile devices and wearables are also worth investing in to stay in the loop of your industry. There is a good chance that IoT technology will expand to those devices due to consumer demand.

  1. You Have a System that Will Help You with Legal Claims

It’s not every day that you have to deal with lawsuits, but in case you do, IoT systems can be a big help. They can gather data efficiently for your attorneys, giving leverage on time-sensitive cases. For example, mobile phones, GPS trackers, and smartwatches can all transfer information in real-time.

A lot of lawsuits need immediate action, like road accidents that involve two or more parties. It can turn into a real mess if there’s not enough evidence involved and witnesses alone aren’t enough. You have a better chance of having smooth court proceedings if more information is provided.

  1. Your Business Uptime is Improved

IoT machines and devices help businesses keep their product and assembly lines in motion. Customers are assets that are self-aware, hence they can request service, replacement, and report data. The data can be used in prediction-based models to identify factors that result in higher uptimes.

IoT sensors are becoming popularly installed on factory floors to monitor machine performance. Its output, hours in service, and other data are also being monitored by the sensors.

Once data shows that the machine’s performance is deteriorating, the manufacturer can have it repaired. This also allows you to maintain the machine better than running it to the ground until it fails to function entirely.


Mobile devices, smart apps, and other technologies are part of our daily lives, making them efficient and convenient. If you had a package sent, the company’s website usually has a tracker you can view. That way, you’ll know where the package is or if it’s been received by your recipient. That way of tracking is just one of the things IoT is capable of among many other functions.

Other benefits of using IoT and call center software are better route management and improved business uptime. Because of the tracking, you can instruct the courier to take a better route and avoid dangerous areas. For example, if there was a collision along the road they planned to take, you can inform them to avoid it. 

And if it was your courier who got into an accident, you can dispatch an emergency team right away. All the while, you can also call your legal team and start gathering the necessary data for court. Your contact center can retain its stellar image of customer service as long as you’re prepared!

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Article contributed by Daniel Martin.
About the author: In 2007, Dan began his hands-on journey into digital marketing. Besides building teams and coaching others, he also solves real-time problems. Traveling and playing Table Tennis are among his favorite pastimes.

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Impact of IoT on Enhancing the Customer Experience
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