Inception: These Guys Mixed Virtual Reality With The Real Thing As Only Irish Could

Jumping from one place to another is an experience we are getting closer by the day either through teleportation or virtual reality.  Some of you might have already ordered a VR headset, from Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony, Samsung, Google or other brands, but for a few Georgians who hadn’t stepped into the VR ring, an invitation to discover Ireland seemed the right place to begin. Watch what happens when innocent bystanders in Tbilisi put a headset on! #realitymagic

Invited to discover the Irish culture and people, you can see men and women putting the headset on in the video above and going from sunny, urban Tbilisi to the green pastures of Ireland. While they’re focused on the VR scenes, the organizers start setting up what appears to be an Irish pub. Yes, in the middle of Georgia’s capital. Once it’s done, the guests enter the pub in virtual reality and are asked to take the headset off.

The moment they do, what do you know – they’re actually in the bar! Jumping from real life to VR to real life once again. If that made you Inception-like dizzy, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

The reason behind all of this was to “taste” Ireland and with it, Old Irish beer, for which the advertising experiment took place.

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