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Intel Ditches Wearables Division In Favor of Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is definitely part of the future, people. Intel has just eliminated his wearables department to focus more on AR #realitymagic

Since 2014, Intel has seemed very invested in developing and promoting wearables. Three years ago, it was acquiring smartwatch maker Basis to help with its health and fitness trackers. One year later, the company was making another big purchase; Recon was joining their ranks for its expertise on head-up display hardware. Both acquisitions made us believe Intel was sure of its journey in the wearable realm but alas, that’s not the case now.

CNBC reported that the company axed around 80% of the Basis group and dismantled the entire department of wearable devices. Most of the employees were offered other positions in the company but it’s not clear how many of them accepted the alternative job.

The reason for this strategy shift is the Intel’s New Technologies Group interest in augmented reality solutions. They’re betting on this tech now, as other prestigious tech companies have turned in the same direction, too.  

That said, Intel hasn’t shut down their wearables webpage, probably wanting to make the most out of its current partnerships (Tag Heuer, New Balance and Oakley) if there won’t be others in the future.

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