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New Google Feed Shows What You Want To See Before You Type It

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Using Google’s search engine is like having the world’s library at your fingers. There’s almost nothing you can’t find out if you know what to look for. But what happens when you don’t have a particular question in mind? When you’re opening the app just to kill time? Well, the company believes that even then you should gain something. So they’ve updated the mobile app with new feeds to give you info you didn’t know you needed #softwaremagic

Google’s app is getting ready to do more than searches over the Internet. By using everything it’s learned about your preferences and inquiries, it will serve you daily, fresh content that you are most likely to be interested in. These can be news, articles, blog posts, lists, everything you can imagine you’d want to know.

The information will be displayed in familiar-looking feeds curated by Google or with your help. You’ll be able to tap a new button Follow at the top of the search results when you’re looking for something that belongs to a certain area of study in order to make sure Google sends you related news. It will be like having receiving personal recommendations from the entire Internet.

Think of the new update as an app within an app. It will feel like getting the most personalized, most attractive newsletter ever right to your door. Because when you don’t go to Google for answers, IT comes to you.

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