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Intel’s First Drone, Falcon 8+, Flies At 35mph

Intel Falcon 8+

After providing companies with top-notch technology, Intel has started manufacturing products under their name. In fact, this week they’ve launched Falcon 8+, their first commercial drone #actionmagic

The octocopter is meant to provide assistance for industrial jobs. For example, it could assess places that are hard to get by humans, such as on construction sites. As you can see from the image above, Falcon 8+ is a medium-sized light drone, weighing just six pounds. Its top speed is 35 mph, which puts it on the same level as the DJI Phantom 3.

Intel Cockpit

Intel’s drone comes with a waterproof cockpit equipped with joystick and tablet, instead of the standard smartphone controller. This isn’t the company’s first foray in the UAV area; in fact, their 360-degree depth-perception cameras are in AscTec Falcon 8 (a predecessor to the one launched by them, as the name suggests) and Yuneec’s Typhoon H. 

That said, this drone could be a hit and miss. Their advantage is the lack of serious competitors in the industrial drone scene. Even 3DR, once one of the leading names in US, has embraced the commercial zone. On the other hand, we’ve seen Intel’s new appeal for whole devices – remember Project Alloy? – and this just might be another step in a different and profitable direction.

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