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This iPad Keyboard Offers Years Of Battery Life

logitech slim folio keyboard

What’s the one accessory you should get for your new iPad? Before you say a cover or a stylus, how about you consider something that will protect your device and make sure you actually use it? Like a keyboard. Such an accessory will make sending e-mails and writing papers more easily, while making sure your iPad stays scratch-free. Plus, now you get the chance to chose one that will rarely need to be charged: Slim Folio #objectmagic

Logitech just released a new keyboard for the fifth-generation iPad. It’s slim and lightweight, but the keys don’t leave room for error, located at very good distance from one another. Plus, the keyboard includes a series of special keys designed for iOS and that will help you execute tasks faster.

logitech slim folio details

But the most interesting feature of all is the battery lifespan. Logitech claims the keyboard doesn’t need recharging for four years, not months, after the first time you put it to use. To obtain such outstanding battery life, Logitech had to use coin cell batteries instead of the classic lithium-ion. This strategy “bought” users a bit lot more time – up to 1,460 days of usage, at a two hour/day rate.

As opposed to other accessories for iOS devices, Slim Folio seems quite an investment. As expected, the keyboard serves as a support for the iPad to, locking it at two different angles and cover. The exterior should keep scrapes at bay and prevent unintentional movement on slippery surfaces.

Logitech is selling the Bluetooth-enabled device for $99, so it’s a pretty sweet deal but do your research before to know if it’s really the best option for you.

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