Is This Google Pixel 5a? First Look

Google Pixel 5a first images just leaked and I wouldn’t blame you if you’d think you were actually looking at Pixel 5. Or Pixel 4a.

The Pixel 5a is basically indistinguishable from the two, as Steve Hemmerstoffer known as @OnLeaks quickly pointed out.

For you Pixel fans, the only thing that might sway you to buying the device will be the more affordable price.

Cause, honestly, everything is pretty much the same as Google’s previous Pixels.

You have a 6.2-inch FHD display, with thin bezels on the sides with one exception – the bottom of the phone, or as it’s frequently called, the chin. Well, in Pixel 5a’s case, the chin remains pretty chubby.

On the back, you’ll get a plastic panel with a cutout on the left side, where the dual cameras reside. There’s also a flash nearby and a sensor (PDAF?).

How is audio looking like? Pretty standard, with stereo speakers on the bottom of the phone and a headphone jack, Google keeping this line traditional, refusing to ditch the jack.

Bottom line: it would have been weird for Google to completely revamp the design and enhance the capabilities of a Pixel that’s part of last year’s line, and a budget one at that.

Still, Google has to know by not that in this industry, you either get creative fast and move with the times or you risk getting left behind.

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Is This Google Pixel 5a? First Look
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