Oppo Air Charging Demos on Oppo X 2021 Rollable

Oppo X 2021 Phone Demo Shows Air Charging – And the Future of Our Devices?

Prepared to be amazed, as Oppo just showed the future of our devices – one without any cables or pads to charge phones, headphones and other gadgets.

This Oppo X 2021 demo shows air charging, a technology that’s been teased for the past few months, in all its glory. 

With it, future phones won’t need a cable or a mat to be placed on for charging.

Instead, they’re equipped with antennas that convert signals from a central dock into actual electricity – that’s basically the most simplified explanation but, if you want to understand precisely how this works, check out this link.

Coming back to the Oppo X 2021 demo, at first glance it would be very easy to be impressed by the rollable phone itself.

That’s an impressive display by any standard you apply, so the Air Charging Oppo tech is yet another bonus, as SparrowNews points out.

Other companies like Xiaomi and Lenovo started teasing over-the-air charging in April.

According to tipster Digital Chat Station, Oppo’s current Air Charging technology is capable of delivering up to 7.5W over the air to a compatible phone.

From what we know from Oppo themselves, their tech can guarantee a stable charging power of 5-10W within 10 meters of the charging station.

Right now, beyond this demo and teaser, we don’t know when over-the-air charging tech might make its way into commercially available devices – but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it later this year or in early 2022.

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Oppo X 2021 Phone Demo Shows Air Charging – And the Future of Our Devices?
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