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Latest Apple Patent Is For A Glass Keyboard

apple glass keyboard patent 1
Image credit: USPTO

Ready to say goodbye to the butterfly keyboard? Apple might have added a silicone membrane for the latest laptops but it seems to have big plans for the next iteration.

This patent reveals an Apple glass keyboard that includes a “transformable glass panel.”

Presenting a multi-layered system, the patent teases a glass keyboard whose keys could actually bend when pressed.  

From what the sketches present, the keys could function like the home button from the iPhone 7 used as the basis for a new laptop keyboard.

Unlike a Yoga Book from Lenovo, whose secondary display can also work as a keyboard, Apple’s design calls for raised keys and haptic feedback to actually offer an accurate typing experience.

In the submitted paper, Apple also said that the new Apple keyboard “may be flat and featureless, and may thus occupy less space than a mechanical keyboard but may require users to identify the location of the keys by sight rather than by feel,” which could point out to a laptop with a Lenovo-like touchscreen keyboard.

Of course, you shouldn’t hold your breath in anticipation for this new keyboard. It’s been more than a year and a half since Apple also patented a pencil that can write in the air and no further updates were released.

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