Leica CL Street Kit Brings Street Photography to the Next Level But It Won’t Come Cheap

Leica just launched the Leica CL Street Kit, a package that promises to bring street photography to the next level in a compact, albeit pricey package.

The Street Kit comes with a black Leica CL, a Summicron-TL 23 mm f/2 lens (a 35 mm full-frame equivalent), a black handgrip, an extra leather carrying strap and two batteries, so you never miss a shot.

The Leica CL itself showed up last year and brought a 24 MP sensor with a Maestro II image processor, capable of shooting 33 DNG & JPEG images at 10fps or recording 4K video at 30fps.

Because it’s Leica, all this won’t come cheap – the Leica CL Street Kit might look a bit vintage but it retails for $4195.

It’s worth mentioning though that, bought separately, these components would add up to around $5000.

If the discount caught your eye, you can use Leica’s website to find your nearest retailer.

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