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Leica CL Is A Compact Camera With Modern Features And A Classical Vibe

leica cl

Leica has just announced CL, a camera that borrows a lot from the TL2, while keeping a classical vibe. It’s the perfect compromise for photographers who want to enjoy the perks of modern times while retaining a vintage design #fotomagic

Without further ado, let us give you a rundown of the camera. The new CL has the TL2′ 24MP image sensor with a Maestro II image processor. You get up to 50,000 ISO and the chance to shoot 33 DNG&JPEG images at 10fps or record 4K video at 30fps. Alternatively, you can settle for 1080p video at up to 60fps.

Once you’re done, unfortunately, you can’t transfer the photos through a port. So, you’ll have to get the SD card out and copy them off it or send them wirelessly to Leica’s iOS or Android app.

As far as design goes, you’ll find the CL just a bit bigger than Sony’s a6500, but more compact. There’s an electronic viewfinder as well as a black and white LCD screen on top of the camera, between the dials. This one displays battery percentage, settings and exposure parameters. It works even in low light, automatically lighting up.

leica cl

There are two control dials that can be programmed and on top of each of them, you’ll notice a separate button. This one activates a secondary function, making switching between them incredibly easy. On the back, there’s a touchscreen you can can modify settings and activate controls from. Leica has also provided the camera with both a mechanical and electronic shutter.

How much does the new Leica CL cost? The body is up for sale at the price of $2,795. That said, you can choose a bundle with an 18mm lens that will set you back $3,795. There’s also the option of attaching it an 18-55 zoom lens, in which case the body and lens will cost $3,995.

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