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Vimeo Is The First Platform To Add HDR Support For iPhone X Video Content

vimeo hdr iphone x

One year after YouTube, Vimeo announces HDR support for videos and uploads with up to 8K resolution. Although they’ve come a bit late to the party, they represent the first video-hosting platform available in HDR for Apple products #softwaremagic

Vimeo has just added HDR support for videos in up to 8K and can transmit 10-bit video with a wider color gamut. It’s a significant upgrade, if you think about it; suddenly, you get to experience 1 billion colors instead of the standard 16 million. “Most modern color gamuts in videos are limited to a 35% color range. But with BT.2020, we can truly depict your deepest reds, brightest greens, and darkest blacks like never before”, writes the team on its official blog.

Moreover, all that spectacularly good-looking content can be experienced on Apple devices, such as iPhone X, iPad Pro and the Apple TV 4K. This is a first for a video-hosting platform; YouTube doesn’t allow it yet, favoring a codec that iOS and tvOS do not support. Currently, you can see videos on the YouTube app via Apple Tv 4K at 1080p resolution top.

Any piece of video content taken with iPhone X, for example, can be uploaded and viewed without impediment on Vimeo thanks to its double code support. Besides H.264, Vimeo now leverages HEVC/H.265, too.

The videos that are in HDR and can be seen on Vimeo will have a special badge on the player. To see them at true value, you’ll need a display that supports HDR10 and HEVC.

If that’s not the case, Vimeo promises to make a separate SDR-optimized version of the videos.

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