Lens From Pinterest Uses Machine Vision To Shazam Things

pinterest lens object detection feature

Pinterest has been working on a new visual search tool called Lens. This new feature, now in beta, uses machine vision to detect things via camera and give meaning to them #mobilemagic

Lens is an update prepared for the Pinterest iOS and Android apps. It’s supposed to work like a Shazam for objects. You simply point your camera towards them and it will try to match the objects with related items.

Moreover, this Pinterest tool can put those objects in a context. If you’re looking at a chair, for example, it will show you how other type of furniture fits with the chair in a given room.

This is just one of the series of updates Pinterest plans to introduce these weeks. “Shop the Look” is the second one. This looks for shoppable items in pins and provides the links to the e-commerce sites. You’ll see items from CB2, Macy’s, Target, Neiman Marcus, and Wayfair.

As for Lens. the update is going to become available today in US, on Android and iOS.

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