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The LeveTop Drone Brings Unique, Thermos-like Design

Could folding drones be the new trend? The LeveTop, funded on IndieGoGo, is the second folding drone to show up in headlines this month, after the Parrot Anafi. However, this one really takes the cake in design terms – when folded, it looks incredibly similar to a thermos coffee cup.

This resemblance is intentional and its creators explained their choice in a Forbes interview. “We wanted something that not only flew steadily and is portable, but stands out from everything else on the market.”

While the LeveTop specs aren’t anything that will catch the eye of videographers and other professionals, at the $200 price point it seems like a very good choice for enthusiasts.

The LeveTop has a stabilized camera capable of shooting at 1080p, has built-in Wifi transferring and offers 20 minutes of flight time at up to 33 mph. On the official IndieGoGo page, the developers also provided a comparison with other drones, which really pinpoint the LeveTop’s position in the consumer drone market. This cute drone, weighing just 350 g, will start to ship in July.

levetop drone comparison

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