MWC 2016

LG Introduced Its Own BB-8, An Unlikely But Uber Cute Friend

If you’re a Star Wars fan, then R2-D2 certainly stole your heart. BB-8 was a cute addition in the last movie and, if by some chance, you could have your own, it would put a big grin on your face. Well, good news: LG will make you smile with one of their Friends, the Rolling Bot.

Remember the suite of friends LG G5 came with?  

One quirky fella was a rounded bot, like a bowling ball, that follows you around the house or keeps tabs on children and pets when you’re at work. Since it’s equipped with an 8MP camera, it can capture photos (and videos) of those naughty ones and stream them via WiFI right to your G5.

Give it a try in April, when it will launch in some markets alongside the G5.



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