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This Charger Powers Up Your Phone With Salt Water


You’ve bought the latest smartphone model, so what now? Well, if you’re using it as a true mobile addict, then you will probably need portable chargers. It’s a nuissance if you can’t find a plug socket, but there’s nothing you can do, right?! Well, until yesterday we didn’t have an efficient solution for you. The Jaq fuel cell charger, though, could be the right answer.

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Jaq is the smallest charger of its type, powering up with… salt water. MyFC has managed to build a charger that works with replaceable Power Cards made with water and salt. Don’t worry – they give the same amount of “juice” in the same amount of time as a normal power outlet.

Besides, it’s environmental-friendly, so you’ll probably get a round of applause from every friend, neighbour and coffeeshop Curious George. The best thing about it? It works with everything, tablet or phone, including iOS devices. 

You can pre-order your charger of choice, in white, black or purple, from here, where you can also sign up for Power Cards, on a subscription fee.


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