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LG Next V30 Model To Feature Vision AI For Object Recognition

LG vision AI

Mobile World Congress 2018 is approaching fast and we’re still waiting for LG to slip up and tell us something about their lineup. While the company has been secretive about new smartphones, they did announce they would show off the computer vision abilities of the new V30 in Barcelona. More specifically, LG is ready to unveil their own Vision AI. #mobilemagic

LG has been feeding more than 99 million images to its AI in the training process, hoping to have a brand new phone capable of distinguishing between objects this year. Indeed, the new version of V30 should be able to tell what’s what and give straight answers, not just “not a hotdog” replies. Users will see that the built-in AI will give the smartphone shooting mode instructions the moment it “sees” a specific objects.

The phone will automatically turn on portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise and sunset mode, depending on the place you point the camera. As you can imagine, each mode will enhance the picture subsequently, making food shots more warm in color.

Besides Vision AI, LG will upgrade its Voice AI with nine new commands for the camera. Users will be able to tell their phones to switch between shooting modes or scan QR codes. The company has even said it might soon prove to be invaluable to shopaholics, providing options “including where to purchase the item for the lowest price”.

LG’s sudden focus on AI is not so sudden, after all. If you recall, they did have an entire corner at CES this year showcasing their ThinQ platform and speakers. 


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