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Even With The Web Snap Map, 700K Snapchat Users Hate The New Version

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Whenever there’s a new Snapchat update, users around the world hate it, then tolerate it, then simply adjust to it.

However, never before have Snap users been so united in their dislike of an app update. More than 700,000 Snapchat users have signed a petition asking Snap Inc. to revert the changes, and their number grows by the second.

Even Chrissy Teigen, social media darling, has taken to Twitter to express her dislike and ask just how much feedback is necessary for Snapchat to revert the changes.


Before we dwell on the negative Snapchat side too much, there’s at least one bit of good news.
You can now see your Snap Map on the web and even embed it on different websites. For those few users who check-in religiously, the Snap Map now provides even more opportunities to share your locations with friends.

Of course, it will prove far more valuable to brands and news outlets, who will rely on the tool to get more real-time engagement.
If you have a few minutes to explore, check out the map here.

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