This Security Camera With 3D Sensing And AI Is Available Now

lighthouse intelligent security camera 3D vision AI powered IoT

Looking for a really intelligent security camera? Look no further –  this state of the art Lighthouse camera fits the bill! #securemagic

The Lighthouse security camera is the first one to implement a 3D time-of-flight sensor on a home monitoring device. In short, it emits light, which then bounces back to the security camera in order to produce a continuously updated 3D model of the room. This solves the old problem of false alerts like shadows triggering the home cameras.

Moreover, the Lighthouse security camera is powered by deep AI. In this way, it can accurately track the movements of not just adults and children, but of family pets too, eliminating another classic fake alert that is currently pestering security cameras.

And it gets even better!

The AI can learn enough to tell the difference between known individuals and new faces. Of course, the intelligent security camera from Lighthouse is not cheap. The device itself costs $299. The AI program can be picked up as a $10 monthly subscription with a 90-days trial or with a $200 lifetime plan.

To justify the costs, beyond the 3D sensor and the AI, the Lighthouse camera features 1080p video with high-quality night vision and a 95° diagonal field of view.  It’s also great to see that the device maker did not ignore IoT security best practices.

If you’re worried about who might get their hands on your home security footage and 3D scans, you can rest easy.

Here are the specs:

  • Encrypted cloud storage
  • Secure data transfer (SSL/TLS) with 2048-bit keys
  • AES 256-bit data encryption
  • Digitally signed bootloader and updates
  • Key stretching with PBKDF2 for improved password security
  • Bluetooth connections disabled after Wi-Fi configuration

What do you think, could this make its way into your smart home? It’s a bit too expensive to place it over your garage to capture some amazing footage, but it seems to do the job of a security camera with 2018 tech.

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