Light's L16 Camera Finally Available
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Light L16 Camera Is Finally Available

It’s not every day that a camera makes you do a double take, just to make sure that what you’re looking at is real. Yet, that is the case with the L16, a digital camera with – wait for it – no less than 16 lenses! L16 is a creation from Light, a company we haven’t heard from in a while.

When it came to L16, Light took the point-and-shoot to the next level. The company designed a camera that can take photos with DSLR-level quality and it all started as a crowd-funding project back in 2015.

The L16 specs are finally public knowledge now. The 16 cameras include five 28mm f/2 wide-angle lenses, five 70mm f/2 midrange lenses, and six 150mm f/2.4 telephoto lenses. All bundled together, they make up 52MP wrapped up in a single, easy to use device that you can fit in your pocket.

Example shot | credit: Jiamin Bai &

Its many other perks include 5x optical zoom, ultra-low light performance and depth of field control.

The L16 runs on Android and has built-in WiFi, so you can post pictures directly from the device.

The camera does not come cheap though – it is priced at €2,050 (roughly $2,389) and it can be purchased directly from Light’s website.

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