Logitech Debuts New Gaming Headsets and Presents Its Most Advanced Model Yet

Logitech G935 Is the Ultimate Headset for Your Battlestation

Ready to give your battlestations “the ultimate sound upgrade”? Logitech is more than up to the challenge with four new headsets, leading with G935.

Let’s start with the flashiest, the Logitech G935, which is also their most technically advanced gaming headset yet.

logitech g935 dts headphone x 2.0

Once you move past the eye-catching LIGHTSYNC, Logitech’s RGB lighting which fits the in-game lighting and is a big win if you’re a streamer, you’ll notice that this is the first headset in the Logitech G line to come with the proprietary Pro-G 50mm Audio driver that can deliver deep bass and a round sound profile for highly cinematic audio.

Andrew Coonrad from Logitech told us gamers will be surprised by its “very low distortion and great frequency response” and Yue was extremely impressed when putting them on.

To take it even further, the company partnered up with DTS to include their Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound technology that is able to recreate the 3D environment from the audio’s original mixing stage. “You hear everything inside the game, all the details, spell effects”, added Coonrad.

With an enhanced 6mm microphone technology and a decent 12-hour battery life, the Logitech G935 should jump up to the first spot of a gamer’s wishlist.

logitech g935 dts

In the same line of Ultimate Sound and Lighting, Logitech also debuted the G635, the wired version of the G935.

For those who want something exclusively Battle Royale, Logitech’s newly announced G432 and G332 gaming headsets will scratch that itch.

The Logitech G432 also features DTS Headphone:X 2.0 surround sound and 50mm drivers, alongside a 6mm flip-to-mute mic, while the G332 settles for stereo sound to satisfy those looking for an entry-level headset.

All of the new Logitech G headsets will be available this February and should cover every budget.

The Logitech G935 7.1 LIGHTSYNC will retail for $169.99, the wired G635 version for $139.99, while the two Battle Royale models will go for $79.99 and $59.99.

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