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Logitech Introduces Vertical Mouse: The MX Vertical

Credit: Logitech

On Monday, Logitech announced the first vertical mouse to come from the company, dubbed the MX Vertical.

I’ll say it – it’s just a mouse turned sideways. But the gimmick is that the entire design of the MX Vertical is meant to reduce wrist strain and movement. According to Logitech, the shape reduces muscular activity by 10%  and, because the sensor supports up to 4,000 DPI, you won’t physically need to move the mouse around as much.

The mouse also allows users to adjust between higher and lower DPI settings with a single press of a button and there’s also room for other, finer adjustments just by pressing and dragging the device. It’s a pretty large thing, measuring 79 x 78.5 x 120 mm and quite heavy, at 135g, so not really your typical mouse out there.

The mouse promises four months of battery life from a single USB-C charge and it can be connected via Bluetooth or the Unifying Receiver USB dongle from Logitech. If in a rush, you can get about three hours worth of use from a quick, one minute charge.

The biggest downside concerning the device, aside from the fact there isn’t a version for the left handed users out there, is the price – it costs five times more than your average vertical mouse out there, at $99.99, so it’s not really for everyone’s pockets.

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