Logitech Keeps Up To Standards With The G512 Mechanical Keyboard

Credit: Logitech

The Logitech G512 keyboard first made its debut at the E3 this year and has been building up good reviews ever since.

The keyboard looks nice and sleek with an aircraft-grade 5052 aluminium top case and a top mounted switch configuration. It’s a full-on keyboard, number keys on the right side included, but it doesn’t really take up that much space and it should be fairly easy to travel with as well.

The cable is threaded so it won’t get tangled much and it also comes with two separate USB sloths, which means you can use it simultaneously on two devices.

The keyboard offers three key switches: Tactile, Linear and the GX Blue keys. The last one is a new addition and they seem to give just about enough resistance even if you might be the heavy-handed type.

By far the best feature of the keyboard is the RGB lighting. It is powered by the company’s own Lightsync technology and it gives you the ability to customize every individual key to have its own lighting profile. You got 16.8 million color options to play around with, so there is plenty of room to customize the keyboard to suit your own style. Obviously if you don’t have that much free time on your hands, there are patterns readily available for over 600 PC games.

The G512 provides all this for $99.99 and given that it’s proved itself to be a solid gaming classic keyboard, it’s worth all the money.

Credit: Logitech / YouTube 

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