Apple's iOS 12 Hints At Dual-SIM Support For Future iPhones

iOS 12 Hints at Dual-SIM Support for Future iPhones

Credit: Tero Vesalainen/ Pixabay

Rumor is Apple is planning to offer dual SIM support on its future smartphones. 9to5Mac was playing with the iOS12 developer beta 5 when they noticed there was a reference to a “second SIM status” in the diagnostic report generation.


Credit: 9to5Mac

The “secondSimStatus”, “secondSimTrayStatus”, and “isDualSimDevice” suggest that the dual SIM cards should be supported at least at the software level. “Tray” is also an indication that a hardware to match the software could be around, as well.

Though a second SIM card might not prove to be useful for every user, it is an indispensable tool for those who travel abroad or use two different cards for business and personal affairs.

The dual SIM has been rumored for years in relation with Apple phones but nothing has come to fruition yet, so it might end up being a way for the phone to tell apart different types of SIM cards. Even so, maybe this year’s release will prove us wrong.

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