How To Make Your Own Egg Decorating Robot With LEGO

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Easter is just around the corner and the kids couldn’t be happier. They’re eating chocolate bunnies, going on egg hunts and hoping to get your attention long enough to decorate eggs with them. If this feels like a bit of a bore, get creative; find a way to make the whole activity more tech-ish than it looks. One way is to build your own family eggbot with Lego #objectmagic

An eggbot made from LEGO is fun and simple enough for the kids while it gives you an excuse to tinker away. All you need are some markers (the more, the better), eggs and a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit. If you’re not convinced you can pull it off, see Jason Allemann‘s tutorial below. He’s not the first to create an eggbot or the first to use LEGO Mindstorms in order to do it, but his design and instructions are very easy to follow.

Allemann used his EV3 Home Edition kit to built and egg bot that can decorate an egg with 7 different patterns. The EV3 side buttons will help you to choose the desired pattern while the middle one can function as an “Enter”button:

Word of advice from Jason: “Before decorating you’ll want to make sure the marker is about .5 cm/.25 in above the surface of the egg.” This should help with the precision and intensity of the design.

Get the instructions and program file to design your own patterns, here.

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