Make Every Step Count With These Energy Harvesting Floor Tiles


“Be the change you wanna see in the world” – this has to be one of the most used quotes in history and the most true. Saving your planet, using sustainable energy can be done more easily if you do your part and step up to the challenge, on one of Pavegen’s energy harvesting tiles #objectmagic

This company has been working in the past decade on floor tile concepts that are not only resistant but that convert kinetic energy into electrical energy  through electromagnetic induction. How does it happen? The classic rectangular tiles produced energy when a person stepped in the center of a tile, as the force drove the energy-storing flywheel inside. The latest “collection”, V3, is triangular because the company has included generators in every corner. You don’t have to be careful where you step anymore as the whole surface pivots toward one of the generators anyway.


How much power can your steps actually produce? Not so much, unfortunately. The V3 can generate 5 continuous watts of power, not nearly enough to take care of a house’ illumination system. Yet, Pavegen thinks it can be of use where small electronics are concerned such as watches, or maybe even your phone.

So far, the tiles have covered a hallway in Heathrow Airport, and offices and shopping centers in London. It can go wherever it is needed – sidewalks, playing fields and airports.

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