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Your Footsteps Might Power On Future Wearables


From now on, your jogging sessions will not only help you burn calories and keep your blood flowing but they will also power on wearables devices.

Scientists at the University of Southampton, England have developed a smart insole that harvests kinetic energy from your footsteps. The more you walk, the more energy you create. Your body movements and the pressure your feet generates later transforms into electrical energy that can provide more battery life for the gadgets that matter most to you. Computer science researcher Jerry Luo, said Wednesday at the Wearable Technology Show: 

“The most realistic application is to extend the battery hours, but the ultimate goal of our research is to make wearable devices battery-free,”


Wouldn’t that be great? No more waiting for hours and hours to charge your smartwatch and no more battery life concerns when purchasing a new device.

Smart shoes are one of the first items of smart clothing to find their use in the digital world. Samsung Creative Labs developed a pair of shoes that uses pressure sensors to correct your posture, while Nike created the first self-lacing sneakers.


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