Can It Be? An Artificial Intelligence Produced A Pretty Good Horror Movie


First of all, how do we know the movie is pretty good or even great? The plot is promising, folks. Plus, admit it – AIs (as pictured in movies) already make your hair stand on end so chances are Impossible Things will be unsettling #machinemagic

So far, artificial intelligence productions made no sense, like Sunspring. That’s because machines were left on their own to deal with creative blocks. Now, the team at Greenlight Essentials provided the human, creative input while the AI came up with the key factors for successful horror movies. The team used Natural Language Processing (NLP) to train the AI to see what plots and movies had box-office success and what was the reason behind that. Basically, the machine wrote the script with success in mind, while the team made sure everything made sense from the storyline point of view.

So, what’s Impossible Things about? The synopsis goes like this: 

“Disturbed by the death of her young daughter, a career-driven Mother and her out-of-work husband leave the city and move to an idyllic and secluded country home. Trading in a hectic career, Madeline – the wife, stays-at-home to renovate the house and care for her remaining two children: a twin daughter and baby boy; while Matt – the husband, finds any work he can. When Mother and daughter begin to hear voices and see visions of a deranged woman and child ghost, remarkably similar to the deceased sibling, reality becomes skewed. After doubting her own sense of Self, Madeline succumbs to the house’s nostalgia for the past. She dresses like the woman she sees, redecorates the house to fit former times, and adopts shocking new aversions towards her remaining daughter. As her insanity grows, we wonder if history will repeat itself and she will be left with just a son”

Sounds good, right? Clearly better than last year’s horror, Muck.

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