Meet BMW’s First Fully Electric Sedan, the i7 xDrive60

After Mercedes released its EQS, it’s time for BMW to launch its first fully electric 7 series, a luxurious sedan named the i7 xDrive60.

With the new vehicle, the german manufacturer promised great performance due to its dual-motor setup that offers 536HP and a 0-60MPH sprint in 4.5 seconds. 

The vehicle offers an amazing experience, due to its tech upgrades such as the Highway Assistant that offers hands-free driving up to 80MPH, or the Parking Assistant Professional with remote control and a Maneuver Assistant for easy parking.

Those who have UWB-equipped iPhones will be able to use Digital Key Plus to automatically lock and unlock the doors, which can now catch potential hazards and automatically open by touching the handles or Interaction Bar. This tool provides touch-sensitive commands for features like climate settings and hazard lights, and you can even customize the bar’s lighting to respond to specific events, like incoming calls.

In terms of setting the mood, the new BMW i7 xDrive60 won’t disappoint you. Those choosing the optional  Theater Screen will enjoy a 31-inch, 32:9 ratio 8K rear display with a Fire TV interface. For each rear door, users will get their own 5.5-inch touchscreen for climate, media, and seating controls. A panoramic LED roof is also available, and rear window shades will automatically close as soon as you switch the system on.

The i7 xDrive60’s price will start from $120,295, depending on the extra feature you may want to include or not.

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Meet BMW’s First Fully Electric Sedan, the i7 xDrive60
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