Meet Mica, Magic Leap's Eerily Human-Like A.I

Meet Mica, Magic Leap’s Eerily Human-Like A.I

Credit: Magic Leap

On Wednesday, during the keynote of their developer conference L.E.A.P, Magic Leap presented their new AI, called Mica. She is compatible with Magic Leap’s AR headset.

The AI presents itself as a short-haired woman with a wide range of facial expressions that closely resemble ours. For the moment, she cannot speak and only uses her face to express herself.


Mica is Magic Leap’s prototype for developing systems that create digital human representations. The very first Mica prototype was responsible with creating just realistic eye gaze and movement and then further AI components were added which allowed Mica to track users and look them in the eye. The next step were additional AI elements for posture and body language.

Magic Leap’s main goal is to create natural facial expressions that look believable in order for the users to connect with the avatar. Mica’s temperament, personality traits and mannerisms will fit with the way she is being treated by the user.

Credit: Robert McGregor / YouTube 

Head of Magic Leap AI, Andrew Rabinovich talked about how they see the digital humans and virtual avatars becoming more of a reality all across the Magic Leap platform in the future. If they do manage to pull it off, they will set the bar higher than anyone in the business in recent history.

We’re definitely looking forward to maybe hearing Mica’s voice sometime in the near future as well.

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