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Meet Thor’s Self-propelled Airstream Electric Camper Concept

Thor and Airstream revealed a new electric concept that will significantly change our expectations of what a travel trailer is believed to be. 

The self-propelled eStream takes some of the burdens off its tow vehicle thanks to its self-contained electric powertrain. The other electric concept, dabbed Thor Vision Vehicle consists of a Transit-based electric RV similar to the traditional ICE van builds.

The eStream enhances efficiency whether it’s paired with an electric or gasoline-powered tow vehicle. While the eStream is being pulled, these motors can be powered, reducing the tow vehicle of some of its burden, with the condition of weighing more than a standard trailer.

The two offer benefits that go beyond only providing additional propulsion, but can be used to use torque to the wheels, allowing regenerative capture of braking energy for even more capacity. 

Moreover, the motors can also serve to alter the distribution of weight on the hitch of a tow vehicle.

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Meet Thor’s Self-propelled Airstream Electric Camper Concept
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