MI 11 Ultra vs Samsung S21 Ultra: What’s the Biggest Difference?

The Ultra to rule all other Ultras out there is coming this phone season: Mi 11 Ultra. It’s the KING Kong of phones, a giant that will soon put Xiaomi in the same league as Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Moreover, it might even give Samsung S21 Ultra a run for its money. 

Mi 11 Ultra is actually pretty similar to the S21 Ultra with a couple of exceptions.

The first (and the biggest) one? Camera. The most important thing differentiating the two is the sensor. It’s pretty ironic but did you know the Mi 11 Ultra is coming with the GN2, Samsung’s own sensor, and – wait for it – the largest on a phone today?

That’s because the GN2 has a 1.4-micron pixel size with a 50MP output. In comparison, Samsung went overboard with an 108MP camera but with much smaller pixels. That means the Mi 11 Ultra is gonna be a beast in low light situations! 

Not impressed? Good for you! Pixel size only doesn’t make a phone great, rather it’s the whole system that matters. So, think about the following – that 50MP main camera? It will be joined by a tele that is capable of 120x digital zoom and a 48MP ultrawide, whereas Samsung went with a…12MP one. 

However, Samsung did decide on a more impressive selfie camera than the one 20MP Mi 11 Ultra one. Still, I don’t think they’re too worried about the difference because  – and listen to this – it offers a selfie display!

How do you use that? And what’s the other notable difference between the two phones that makes Mi 11 Ultra a threat?

Check the video above!

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