Smallest Universal Adapter Makes Travelling With Gadgets A Delight

micro adapter

Going away this summer? Of course you are. Travelling is always a delight, if you’re doing it for pleasure. Business trips, unfortunately, are more complicated. You need to take a plethora of gadgets with you to stay connected. Then, depending on the country, you have to buy accessories to make your gear functional. Unless… you bypass all of that and go for a universal adapter that doesn’t disappoint no matter the destination. Micro is the smallest one of its kind #objectmagic

Micro is one of those rare Kickstarter successes. It proves that you don’t need to create a complicated product that seems torn from a Sci-Fi book page to find customers. In fact, its simplicity is the main selling point here. The universal adapter got funded in 3 hours or so after launching and the first 1000 early birds offer ran out in 24 hours. 

So, why is it so appealing? First of all, it’s small. In fact, at 40 grams, it’s small enough to carry in a pocket and not feel it’s actually there. Then, it caters to one big issue we all have when travelling: different plug styles. The States have different plugs from the rest of the Europe, Australia and UK. So, every time you travel there, you’re forced to carry one of a variety of adapters for your tablet, phone and laptop.

micro universal adapter

That can get annoying, fast. But Micro was designed to work on all 7 continents, in over 150 countries. It has two pins for Europe, three vertical ones for US, two of which can be slanted for Australia’s specific sockets and even a modular pin for the quirky plugs in UK.

Best of all, Micro comes with a lever system to lock the pins away when you’re not using it. You can lock pins in certain positions and even cover the unusable ones with a built-n casing. Every pin, casing and lever is seamlessly built in the design, so it doesn’t look awkward when it’s standing idle.

The guys that built Micro also thought of your gadgets’ safety. They equipped the universal adapter with a fuse to protect against electrical surges. 

Best of all? They made Micro affordable, too. The smallest universal adapter in the world is currently on Kickstarter, where you can still grab a unit for ‎£23 (about $29). 

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