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Microsoft Surface Headphones To Start Shipping in November

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft announced their Surface Headphones during the company’s fall hardware event that took place last week in New York.

The headphones benefit from noise cancellation technology, on-ear touch controls and a comfortable ear cup design. The user has complete control over how much noise is allowed in as they listen to music – the level of noise cancellation can be changed just by turning the dial present on the left ear cup while turning the dial on the right side adjusts the volume.

Credit: Microsoft Surface / Youtube 

The headphones have Cortana support and will pause the music automatically when they are removed from the user’s ears. They can be paired with the Windows PC and can also be connected to macOs, Android and iOS via Bluetooth but can also be plugged in thanks to a 3.5mm detachable cable.

They have a battery life of 15 hours via Bluetooth and of 50 hours when plugged in via the headphone jack. The sound can be customized via a dedicated app that Microsoft will release along with the headphones and they weigh around 290 grams altogether.

Microsoft has revealed that the pre-orders will start on November 15th and shipping will begin as early as November 19th. If you are interested, keep in mind that they come with a price tag of $349.

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