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MMone VR Chair Simulator Is Now Commercially Available

mmone vr simulator

As immersive as a VR headset is, it will trick only your sight. All the environmental factors will be hard to replicate, unless… there’s a giant simulator for spins, curves and bumps. MMone has been working exactly on that for the past years and is now ready to make their whirling VR simulator commercially available #realitymagic

The MMone gaming simulator is made of a fixed platform and an arm that controls the seat. It requires a pair of VR glasses and supports various applications but, let’s face it, racing games will offer you the best virtual reality experience in it.

The simulator arm can mimic the motions you go through while in the app, spinning you around 360 degrees. It can also go 45 degrees to the right and left and raise you 45 degrees, depending on the action. It’s perfect for a VR park attraction and it’s already compatible with games like Project Cars, DCS World (flight simulator), Red Bull Air Race from Slight Mad Studios and Trackmania Turbo from Ubisoft.

There’s no telling how much the commercial version is going to cost or if there’s any interest in it from businesses in the virtual reality industry.

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