Mobile EV Charger from VW, Useless or Helpful?

Mobile EV Charger from VW, Useless or Helpful?

The electric vehicle market is growing steadily, so many automakers are doing their best to contribute to the necessary infrastructure. Volkswagen, for example, is one step ahead of the competition, looking into automated charging robots, not just fixed EV stations.

In fact, this week VW showed off how an EV robot could help vehicles and drivers that do not have access to a proper station nearby. Pretty bulky, but with a “face” that lights up, giving it a cute appearance, the robot handles charging autonomously.

There’s no need to open the flap or to tell it to disconnect – it will do so on its own after it’s summoned through an app or through the car itself.

Of course, VW designed it to go with their ID.4 vehicles but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work with other electric cars, too.

Question is, when are we going to see such a robot on the streets or in parking garages? Will it ever leave the “trade show” stage? And when it does will consumers go out of their way to use it or will other car concerns take up their time and energy?

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Mobile EV Charger from VW, Useless or Helpful?
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