More Information On Horizon Forbidden West Announced

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Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, was one of the biggest announcements in the PlayStation 5 Future of Gaming event. Guerilla Games, the developers of the Horizon series, released a follow up video yesterday with a little bit more information about their newest game.

Horizon Forbidden West will follow Aloy as she travels through an area which represents Utah to the Pacific Ocean. This world will be more immersive than in the original game as the company is taking full advantage of the PS5 hardware to create a more detailed, clear and expansive world. The presentation also confirmed that Aloy will be able to travel underwater.

In the Forbidden West, Aloy will come up against three main challenges: machines, other people and environmental disaster. New machines like the Shellsnapper and Sunwings stalk the land. New communities also dot the landscape of the Forbidden West, with some friendly and others antagonistic. One of the enemy encampments have learned to override machines, meaning gigantic mammoth-like beasts will be programmed to take out Aloy. Finally, the environment is collapsing in the Forbidden West as a sprawling red vine saps the planet of its crops and animals and superstorms rage. How these three things merge remains a mystery, one the company is not yet willing to share.

The presentation did confirm that Horizon Forbidden West is planned to release in 2021. This means, unfortunately, that it will not be a launch title. Whenever Guerilla Games does choose to release the game, however, it’ll likely be just as good as the original.

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