Movidius Released A Deep Learning USB Stick

movidius usb stick

Movidius, the computer vision company now owned by Intel, has just put their deep learning tech expertise on a USB stick, making it available to all interested developers and researchers #machinemagic

This is by far the easiest, most approachable way to bring artificial intelligence to hardware. A stick is easy to get ahold of, especially since it doesn’t cost more than $79. While it’s certainly not the first time Movidius brought deep learning imaging to a piece of hardware, it is the most consumer-oriented. The company has previously integrated the tech into their Myriad 2 visual processing unit.

Now, the Neural Computer Stick is just putting that VPU in a form that’s easy for developers and researchers to create upon. Of course, with it, Movidius is launching the most advanced deep learning program they have worked on, complete with latency and power consumption improvements.

Plus, if you need more deep learning power for your application, you just have to connect more USB sticks. For under $100, you get quite a good deal for machine learning projects, so be sure to check the product released by Intel’s computer vision company. It’s available for purchase from RS Components and Mouser.

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