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MPA Says Online Piracy Is Responsible for 230,000 and 560,000 Jobs Lost In The US

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is once again going after online piracy with a new report, in which it claims 230,000 and 560,000 jobs were lost in the entertainment industry because people are pirating stuff.

According to Torrentfreak, every year MPA releases a report about the piracy landscape and, this year, they included an estimate on how piracy impacts US workers after the US Trade Representative demanded numbers.

Here’s what they found.

“In 2020, there were an estimated 137.2 billion visits to film and TV piracy sites globally, which cost the U.S. economy at least $29.2 billion in lost revenue each year. Specifically, piracy has been estimated to reduce employment in our industry between 230,000 and 560,000 jobs,” MPA writes, citing external research.

According to them, the responsibility to stop online piracy is divided between “all stakeholders in the internet ecosystem”, from hosting providers to cloud services, payment processors and even social networks.

Specifically, they named Cloudflare, a reputable company mostly known for stopping DDoS attacks, as a big culprit of enabling piracy.

“Cloudflare’s customers include some of the most notorious, longstanding pirate websites in the world, including the massively popular streaming site cuevana3.me and The Pirate Bay,” says the MPA.

For people used to pirating media, the list of MPA offenders might just serve as inspiration. Torrentfreak included most of the linking and streaming sites new to the MPA roundup. 

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MPA Says Online Piracy Is Responsible for 230,000 and 560,000 Jobs Lost In The US

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