MWC Shanghai 2018: DTS:X Ultra Gave Vivo Nex The Edge Needed

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Now that Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018 is over, we can safely say that Vivo Nex was one of the best phones we saw here. The display, elevated selfie camera and audio won us over, the sound technology giving Vivo Nex the edge needed on the mobile market. Gerry Zhao, Sales Director at Xperi, talked to us about DTS:X Ultra, the tech that makes the audio experience on Vivo so immersive!

Normally, if you want to watch a movie or even play a game on mobile, you have to settle for decent sound. You can either plug in your earphones, and depending on the quality of the set, you may or may not get a good experience. Otherwise, you’re stuck with sound coming from the built-in speakers that can easily be muffled if you cover them accidentally with your hands or get mixed up with ambient noise.

With DTS:X Ultra, though, you don’t have to endure either. Gerry told us that the system immerses you completely in the game or action movie. You can hear the sound surrounding you, vivid and sharp.

All of that happens, while preserving battery life. That makes the phone one of the big winners of the year, in terms of audio and more.

Watch the video above to understand how DTS and Vivo can offer you a compromise-free user experience!

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